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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trisha's Blog Post

In class we...

Did Chapter 8.2 in the textbook.

3x + 2 = 5

5x - 2 = -4

That answer will be a fraction because Mr. Backe said to make it easier on us but decimal is optional.

x/3 + 4 = 6

x = 6

x/4 - 3 = - 5

Read pg. 304 - 310
Do the Show You Know
Check Your Understanding
Practice, Apply - ALL
Extend - Any 2 and #32
Chapter 8.2 in the Homework Book

AND the Yellow Sheet is due tomorrow.
You need to show cross multiply, divide by coefficient, multiply by the reciprocal and find the common denominator.

Mr. Backe won't take it if it's late so don't forget to do your homework.

The next person I choose is ...Tianna.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Shane's Blog Post

Solving Equations

Isolate variable on left side.

Read pp. 292-300
CYU no.3
Practise- All
Apply- All
Extend- 3 of 5
Homework Book 8.1
I pick TRISHA to do the next blog !

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Binomial by Binomial Mutiplication

while solving these problems remember to look at the signs
and always remember that x multiplied by x is x^2 (squared) not 2x

Here are some problems we did using F.O.I.L.


You can solve these by thinking of it like this

Here are a couple of more difficult ones....

Read pgs. 272-274
CYU #2,3
Practice odd/even
Apply ALL
Extend 2 of three
Homework book 7.3
Green sheet 7.10 #1-7

and I pick Shane to do the next blog!!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nils' Blog Post

Multiplying Polynomials by Monomials

Greetings ladies and germs! Today in class we learned about multiplying polynomials by monomials. Let's start off with a little explanation.

Usually we add the numbers in the bracket together than multiply the bracket by the constant.

4 (2 + 4) = 4 (6)

= 24

Is there another way we can do this?

What about multiplying each part of the bracket by 4?

4 (2 + 4) = 4(2) + 4(4)

= 8 + 16

= 24

The answer is the same.

Here's another example.

5 (6-3) = 5(3)

= 15

Once again let's use our method.

5 (6 -3) = 5(6) -3(5)

= 30 - 15

= 15

The answer is the same.

How about something more complex?

2x (3x + 4)

We can still do the same thing as before.

2x (3x + 4) = 2x(3x) +2x(4)

= 2(3)(x)(x) + 2(4)(x)

= 6 x^2 + 8x

It's the same concept. It just takes a bit more time to do.

Can we represent this with a picture? We sure can!

5 x (-2x +y -2)

Let's do a multiplication diagram for this.

The solution is -10x^2 + 5xy - 10x

Now I'll show you how to do the reverse. Finding the equation when you have the diagram.

Remember that the first part of the polynomial is on the left side of the diagram.

In this case -2x is the first part. 3x -4 is the other part.

So the formula is -2x (3x - 4)

Now we solve!

-2x (3x -4) = -2x (3x) - 4 (-2x)

= -6x^2 + 8x
Some common mistakes people make when multiplying polynomials by monomials is...

1. Forgetting to look at the signs. Instead of making a number negative, you make it positive and vice versa

2. You forget to multiply all the terms in a polynomial. This one is kind of self-explanatory. REMEMBER TO MULTIPLY ALL THE TERMS!

Okay people! Here's the homework.

  1. Read Pages 264 -268

  2. Check your Understanding 2 and 3

  3. Practise 0dd or even

  4. Apply All

  5. Extend 2 of 3

  6. And the 7.4 Green sheet we got ages ago.

  7. And last but certaionly not least... MANGAHIGH!!! We are in a Fai-To!!!

If you have questions please ask. If not, then I bid you adieu.

Oh yeah I almost forgot. The next blog person is......... ANA LOPENA

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Multiplying and Dividing Monomials

The signs to see if it should be a negative or a positive.

We started off the class by doing simple multiplication.





Then we started working on something more harder.

Tip: First number goes on the left side.
Second number goes on the top.

Here's another question.

Another question.

The last multiplication question

We then started dividing numbers.





Tip: The big number goes inside.

The divisor goes to the left.
Quotient goes on top.

Another question,

Another question,

Some questions you can solve, but can't model.

Here is a video that may help you understand.


7.1 READ pg. 254-259
CYU- 2
EXTEND 24, 26, 27

Don't forget to check MANGAHIGH!!

I Pick Nils to do the next blog