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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Anabelle's Blog Post: Surface Area


The day before yesterday we discussed whether or not a certain rectangular prism with a piece missing would have the same surface area as one that is whole. We came to the conclusion that it would.

When looking at them in one view/one face at a time it will be the same.

Today's notes:

The next shape we looked at was this:

We were asked if this figure was any different. Once we really thought about it, we found that it was. 2 small square units would be missed if we were to simply use the method for the last two figures.

With that in mind we easily solved the surface area for the figure:

SA= 2(lw)+P(h)+(lw)
= 2(2)(3)+10(2)+2(1)(1)
= 2(6)+20+2
= 12+22
= 34u^2

The next figure we inspected looked like this:

Once again, we figured out that the surface area for this one would also have a different surface area in comparison to one that is whole.

SA= 2(Top/bottom)+2(side)+2(front/back- missing units)+(inside)
= 2(lw)+2(lw)+2(s^2-s^2)+4(lw)
= 2(2)(3)+2(2)(3)+2(3^2-1^2)+4(1)(2)
= 12+12+2(9-1)+8
= 12+12+16+8
= 48u^2

Afterwards we discussed finding the surface area of a cylinder.

We were asked to make the net of a cylinder.

The circumference of one of the circles will give you the width/length of the rectangle that makes up the cylinder.

You can find the surface area of a cylinder using these formulas
SA= 2πr^2+2πrh
= 2πr^2+πdh
= 2πr^2+Ch

We then were given a cylinder to solve the surface area for. To make things different we were also asked to solve in pi. This means that we do not multiply anything by pi, but to simply leave it in to solve for later.

SA= 2πr^2+2πrh
= 2π5^2+2π(5)(12)
= 2π(25)+2π(60)
= π(50)+π(120)
= (170)π u^2 (solve by pi)

= 534.07 u^2 (solve to two decimals)

  • "Apply"
  • number 22, 23: textbook
  • 1.3 in the homework book and extra practice sheets
  • Journal
Oh, and ....

That's right, Kim. I went there.


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  2. Great post Anabelle. I like how you added a lot of pictures. I also like how you used a blue font for the names of the shapes and a red font for the key words. Everything was well organized and easy to understand. Also, awesome picture at the bottem of the post.

  3. Excellent post, Anabelle! It's good how you only used 2 colours to highlight the key words, instead of using various colours, to make it less distracting. The pictures were clear and easy to comprehend, and in short, everything was well organized. Good job.

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  6. Nice post. First I have to say, your pictures were amazing. They showed the idea clearly and they were neat. You used colour well to highlight ideas. Nice picture at the end.

  7. Great post Anabelle. You had a great organized layout, and I like the way you used only two colours to show important words. Your pictures were really well done, they were clear and it's unique that you drew them instead of making them on the computer. Also I like your picture at the end, very nice. :) Great job, keep up the good work. :)

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