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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jieram's Post

1) Area of a Square
Formula: Area of Square = S²
S = Side

2) Area of a Rectangle
Formula: Area of Rectangle = lw lh

3) Area of a Circle
Formula: Ao = πr²

4) Area of Triangle
Formula: bh/2

5) Circumference
Formula: πd or 2πr

6) d= c/π or 2r

7) r = d/2

Area of Parallelogram
Formula: bh

Formula: Area of Trapezoid = (b1 + b2/2) h
Isosceles TrapezoidTrapezoid


S.A = 6s²
= 6(2²)
= 6(4)
= 24u²

S.A = 2s² + large perimeter h
= 2 (2²) + 8 (2)
= 2(4) + 16
= 8+16
= 24u²

P= Perimeter
PA= s+s+s
Psquare= s+s+s+s
P3Dsquare= s+s+s+s



S.A = 4lw+25²

= 4(4)(3)+2(3²)
= 48 + 2 (9)
= 48+18
= 66u²


  1. Good job Jieram, next time add what we have to do for homework and what the 3D shapes are called.

  2. Great Job, Jieram. I like how you added colour to the formulas so that we could easily differentiate it from it's figure. I'm having a hard time figuring out which picture belongs to what problem for the next figure.

  3. Good job Jieram i like how you add colour and picture.\next time try to put in the homework we are doing .

  4. Good job Jieram. I like how you added colour to the words that you thought were important to make them stand out, nice pictures as well. Next time though, you should add what the homework is. Otherwise, good job. :)

  5. Good post Jieram. I like how you used colours on certain words to make it stand out. I also like how you added pictures and labled the shapes. Next time you should add the homework we were given.

  6. Good Job Jieram! You included the formulas we learned on that day, included pictures to show how it worked. The way you showed how to solve most of the shapes did not really make any sense because it did not include the measurements, next time you might want to include all information about what we did that day for the people that missed school, also you might want to add a bit more colors and make the picture bigger to make your post better, otherwise your post was neat and included most of what we learned that day! Good Job!

  7. Good job Jieram. I like how you added pictures and the formula's. Next time you should include the measurements in the pictures, because it doesn't really make sense without them. You should also label the shapes. Overall good job!

  8. Good Job Jieram! I like how you put all the formulas. I also like the picture you made. It made your post understandable. Next time put measurements for the pictures. Keep it up

  9. I like how you put the formula's up and how the post you made it understandable. The thing that you can improve on is to add more color next time, over all good post! :)

  10. Great Job Jieram! I really like you pictures and I like how put your formulas with different colour's so it can pop out. Your picture's help explain your blog more better. Your post is very neat and understandable. Next time when you do another blog, please add what is for homework. Anyways, GOOBJOB!

  11. Great job Jeiram! I like how you added pictures and played with the colors. A suggestion I have, is adding our homework.

  12. Good job Jieram ! I like how you added pictures and inserted colors to the words that are important. That is really helpful so we can notice words that are important easily. Next time, make the pictures bigger and put labels on it to give more ideas. Good job !