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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lizelles text book question.

I'm truly sorry that this is late!!
My text book question is 27 on 2.4

"The surface area of a cube is 100 cm squared. Determine the edge length of the cube, to the nearest tenth of a centimetre."

A CUBE has 6 faces.

Since I knew that, I divided 100 cm squared by 6 to give me one face.
That got me 16.66 cm squared.
Since I wanted to get rid of the squared, I did a square root of a 16.66.
For that, I got 4.082.
I rounded that to the nearest tenth, and I got 4.1.

I checked at the book, and I got the same answer.

My question:

My work:


  1. Good job Lizelle. Explaining how you got your answer made me understand it more. Next time try to make your picture bigger. Keep it up

  2. Good job, Lizelle. I like that you explained how you got your answer well. I don't think that you have to post your pictures since you already explained how you got your answer.

  3. Great job, Lizelle! I like how you explained your answer and posted up your picture. Just try to make the picture bigger next time. Overall, this was great.

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  5. Good job Lizelle i like how you explained your answer and put picture . Keep it up

  6. Good Job Lizelle. I really like your blog. You changed font colours to show important words, which is good. I liked how you took a picture of your question to save time. However, I think you should've wrote your answer darker, or even with a marker. Just to make it easier to read. Overall, good job!!

  7. Good job, Lizelle. I like how you colour-coded the important words, and how the layout is quite neat. I don't think it was necessary to type up the question, and then post up the question again as a picture from the textbook. Also, I recommend to make picture where you showed your work a bit larger, as it was difficult for me to see the work. Nonetheless, great job.

  8. Great Job Lizelle! Your blog is very neat and understandable. Also I liked how you used different colors. You explained how you got the answer very well. Keep it up!

  9. Good Job Lizelle! I like how you colored the important words but next time you should add more light to your pictures. Overall, you did a good job (: