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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Colleen's Blog Post

What we did in class today:

*You need to know the formula's for 3.4

Bacteria triples every 15 minutes.
Start with 50 bacteria.
The coefficient is 50.

In one hour: 50(3^4)
In three hours: 50(3^12)
t hours: 50(3^4t)

Question from yesterday:

3.4- Show You Know
Check Your Understanding
Practice odd or even
Extend #13
Homework book
Extra Practice

Don't forget to do 3.3 if you're not done.
Don't forget to start your stash it.


Jocelyn, it's your turn to do the blog.


  1. Great post, Colleen. The pictures were clear and easy to understand, and the layout of this post is very organized. Good job!

  2. Good job, Colleen. Your pictures were easy to understand and neat. I also like that you changed the colour of some words to make them stand out. Maybe next time you could explain how to do the question.

  3. Nice job, Colleen! Your post was understandable and everything was neat. I agree with Kim, you should explain the question so people will understand.

  4. Great job Colleen I like how you put picture and was easy to understand. and was very neat. Keep it up

  5. Amazing Job Colleen! Your blog was easy to read, and is organized! Your pictures were very neat and understandable. You changed colours to make things stand out! Good Job!

  6. Good Job Colleen! I really like you pictures, and your blog is neat. Also I like how you change the colors of your font to make it pop out. Keep it up!

  7. Good Job Colleen! I like how your blog is so neat, i unerstand it very well. Keep up the good work (:

    - Trisha 905