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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Order of Operations

Today, in class we learned about order of operations..

the number in front of the power is called the coefficient.
the power is made up of the base-which is the 6
exponent- 2

The next question that we did worked on is..
use B.E.D.M.A.S.

Convert the next step into a fraction..
The next problems that we did were..
We have to find the exponent that equals the same as 81^4 and 8^3 with the base of 3 and 2.


And Colleen! I want you to do the next blog(: !!!!


  1. Great job, Ana. Everything was easy to understand and the pictures you made were clear and very helpful. I think that you should have included that other problem we discussed in class, but other than that, this post was very well done.

  2. Good job Ana. I like the pictures you used and how they were very clear and easy to read. This post was very well organized and verying easy to understand. I also like how you boxed the answers, it make it really stand out. Good job.

  3. Good job Ana. Your post is very neat annd easy to understand. I like how you made important words standout. Keep it up

  4. Great job, Ana. Your post is organized and it's easy to understand. The pictures that you made are comprehensible, as it was colour-coded. This post was well done!

  5. Good job Ana. I like how you made the answer stand out in the picture and everything else was very organized.

  6. Good Job Ana! Your blog was very neat and easy to read. It explained everything perfectly. But I think you should've changed font colour to show important words that should stand out. Anyways, good job!

  7. Good job Ana! Your blog is neat and understandable. Your pictures are very easy to understand. You made words pop put by making them with different colors!! Keep it up!