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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Alec's Blog Post

In Math, the first thing we did is answer these following question:
-4 2 , (-4)2 , (-42) , -(-42)

To answer all these questions you need to know BEDMAS
B stands for Brackets
E stands for Exponents
D stands for Division
M stands for Multiplication
A stands for Addition
S stands for Subraction

So, to answer -4 2 first thing you need to do is follow BEDMAS. Since it doesn't have a bracket you would do the exponents first. It would look like this...
To answer (-4)2 , you need to follow BEDMAS. Since it has brackets, you will do that first. It would look like this...
You would do the same step to answer (-42) . It would look like this..
Do the same steps to answer -(-42). It would look like this..
Rule: An exponent will affect anything inside a bracket if it is outside the bracket. Eg, (-4)^2. If it's inside a bracket it will only affect the number next to it. Eg, (-6^2).

To answer these upcoming questions you need to follow the rules and BEDMAS.

A question Mr Backe gave us is -(-2^2)^2. It is solve like this...
I put square brackets so I'll know what to do first.

Another question is (-(-2)^2)^2. To answer this kind of question you would do the inner bracket to outer bracket. It would look like this..

The last hard question Mr Backe gave us is ([-(2^3)]^2)^1. To do this follow the steps we did on the last question. It would look like this..
After that question Mr Backe gave us square root questions.
Some of the question he gave us is
Because 5x5=25

Another question is

Because 6x6=36. The + sign means 6x6=36. The - sign means that (-6)(-6)= 36

Rule: We can never find a negative root of an even number

Another question is
You can't answer this question because the rule says when multiplying numbers with even negative sign, the answer will be positive.

The last question of the day is
This question you can answer because it's a negative root and it's an odd number. If you are multiplying with negative numbers and there is an odd amount of negative signs, your answer will always be a negative.

I pick Angelo Asino to do the next blog


  1. Good Job Alec. The Pictures are very nice, and the information are easy to understand. Good Job Keep It Up.

  2. Good Job Alec. The pictures are very nice and clear. your blog is very neat and organized. The only thing I suggest is to space it out a little more. Other than that, great job.

  3. Good job Alec, you did a really good post, but on the pictures, some of the square root signs look like you are dividing, other then that good job !