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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trisha's Textbook Question

2.2 #19.
A company made a profit of 8.6 million in it's first year. It lost 5.9 million in it's second year and lost another 6.3 million in it's third year.
a) What was the average profit or less per year over the first three years?
b) The company broke even over the first four years. What was it's profit or loss in the fourth year?
The company had a loss of $3.6 million in its first three years, so the average is:
-3.6/3 = -1.2 million dollars
I divide it by three because of the three years.
loss of $1.2 million per year
8.6 - 5.9 - 6.3 = -3.6
The company had to have gained 3.6 million dollar to have raised the amount to 0, since it was at -3.6 before hand.
profit of $3.6 million
*I did B first.
and if you still don't get math...
there's math help at 8 am at school and at noon time too.


  1. Nice job Trisha! I really liked how you explained it, though pictures would have been nice. One last thing is that you should space it out a bit because it is hard to read if it's all up close together. Anyway good job!

  2. Good job, Trisha. The explanations are nice, but next time, I think you should put in a picture or two of how you did the work. Also, space it out a bit, as it was a bit confusing to read. Overall, great post!

  3. Nice Job Trisha! I like how your blog was filled with a lot of information. Next time, it wouldnt hurt to put some information on pictures and also you should space it out a bit more. Keep up the good work!