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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Alec's Math Questions

Question 13 in 2.3

The Diameter of Pluto is 6/17 the diameter of Mars. Mars is 17/300 the diameter of Saturn.
a) What fraction of the diameter of Saturn is the diameter of Pluto.

b) The diameter of Saturn is 120, 000 km. What is the diameter of pluto

First we find the diameter of Mars:
Let X= Diameter of Mars

To do that I would Multiply 17/300 to 120,00/1
I would get 2,040,000/300
Now I divide 2,040,000 to get mars diameter.
So 2,040,000/300= 6,800km

It would look like this

Now we find the diameter of pluto
Let Y= Diameter of pluto

To find the the diameter of Pluto, you would do the same steps to find the diameter of mars
So 6/17 x 6,800/1 is = 40,808/17
Then I will divide 40,808 by 17. The answer will be 2,400km

It would look like this
Since I have that information I could answer letter a
To do this I will make the 2,400 km my numerator and 120,000 my denominator
Then I would just simplify this to get my answer
The answer would be 1/50

B) We already found the diameter of Pluto and that is 2,400km

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