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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chelsea's Textbook Question

Here is the question that we're going to solve from 2.1, Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers:

26. Which number in each pair is greater? Explain each answer.

a) 0.4 and 0.44
b) 0. 333... and 0.33
c) -0.7 and -0.77
d) -0.66 and 0.66...

So, in order to figure out which number is greater, we have to put the decimal numbers onto a number line first. Then, you can convert it into a fraction (which you should still remember how to do so):


0.4 = 4/10
0.44 = 44/100

0.44 is greater than 0.4


0.333... = 1/3
0.33 = 33/100

0.333... is greater than 0.33


-0.7 = -7/10
-0.77 = -77/100

-0.7 is the greater number than -0.77.


-0.66 = -66/100
0.66... = 2/3

-0.66 is greater than 0.66...

If I have forgotten anything, please tell me!


  1. Great post Chelsea. Everything is well organized and easy to understand. I also like how you bolded key points in your post. Next time if you mention a number line, it wouldn't hurt to draw it out for us and explain.

  2. Good job Chelsea! Your post is neat and understandable. Next time try using colours instead of just bolding them. I agree with Anabelle, next time make a picture of a number line. It's easier to understand the problem if it was done on a number line. Otherwise, well done!

  3. Great post Chelsea. I like how you explaned your work. I also like how you made the key words bold and how everything was well organized. But next time, you should draw a picture of a number line to show what you ment by putting the decimals on a number line.

  4. Good job Chelsea! I liked how you explained how you got your answers and how you made the key words bold. Like what everyone said, I think you should have made a number line to help show what you meant in your explanation. Good job again!!!

  5. Great Job Chelsea! Your blog is very neat and organized. I like how you bolded important words in your blog. Next time I suggest to put more pictures. Keep up the good work!