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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ana's Textbook Question 2.4

#26. A bag of fertilizer will cover an area of 200m squared. Determine the dimensions of a square that 3/4 of a bag of fertilizer will cover. Express your answer to the nearest tenth of a metre.*

First you will need to know..

Now divide 0.75 by 200m squared to find 3/4 of 200m^2.

Since the shape of the area is a square you can find the dimensions by finding the square root of 150.


  1. Great job, Ana. Everything was very organized and you explained things really well. I really like how you added colour to highlight important words in the text. There is one thing in your work that contradicts another. You said to divide 0.75 by 200m, but instead you multiplied 200 by 0.75.

  2. Awesome job Ana! Your post is very neat, colourful and understandable. Your pictures are very informative. I agree with Anabelle. I think you did something that you didn't explain. Anyways good job!