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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Colleen's Textbook Question

Chapter 2.2
Problem Solving With Rational Numbers in Decimal Form

Question #17
The wooded poles measured 1.35m and 0.83m in length. to make a new pole, they were attached by overlapping the ends and tying them together. the length of the overlap was 12cm. What is the total length of the new pole in meters?

We need to change the measurements from meters into centimeters so we can subtract 12cm.
1m= 100cm

(1.35)(100)= 135

(0.83)(100)= 83

To figure out how long the new pole will be we need to add 135 with 83, then subtract 12cm.

135+ 83= 218

218- 12= 206

The total length of the pole is 206cm.

To change centimeters into meters we need to divide it by 100.

206/ 100= 2.06

The total length of the new pole is 2.06m.

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  1. Great job Colleen! I like your picture, and I like how you made the important measurements bold in the question. Next time, maybe you should add some colour to the key words, also I noticed you forgot two capitals at the beginning of the sentence when you wrote the question. Overall, great job! :)