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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jayvee's Textbook Question

2.1 #30

How to get equivalent fractions:
Step 1: Find which part of the fractions are both given (Both denominators/numerators)
Step 2: Find how one number got to the other number (You can either divide/multiply)
Step 3: If you found what was done, do the same thing to the fraction part which is missing.

a) 4/-5 = x/-10
In this case, the other numerator is missing. We have to do the steps on the denominator.
-5 = -10, -5 is multiplied by 2 to get -10
Now we have to do the same thing to the numerator.
We have to multiply 4 by 2 to get the missing numerator.
4x2 = 8
x = 8

b) x/3 = 6/-9
1 Numerator is missing, look at the denominator.
3 = -9, you can also use division
3 = -9, -9 is divided by -3 to get 3 (sign rules)
Do the same thing to the numerator
Divide 6 by -3 to get -2
x = -2

c) 5/x = -20/12
1 Denominator is missing, look at the numerator
5 = -20, let's use division
5 = -20, -20 is divided by -4 to get 5 (remember sign rules)
Do the same thing to the denominator
Divide -12 by -4 to get 3
x = 3

d) -6/-5 = 30/x
1 denominator is missing, look at the numerator
-6 = 30, let's use multiplication this time
-6 = 30, -6 is multiplied by -5 to get 30
Do the same thing to the denominator
Multiply -5 by -5 to get 25
x = 25


  1. Good Job Jayvee! Good work on posting your blogger question on time, but next time you might want to make it more spaced out so it will be easier to understand also use pictures on questions you possibly can. It looks like question A is correct but the other questions are a bit hard to understand, just space them out a bit or use pictures but otherwise Good Job!

  2. Good job Jayvee ! All this post is missing is a few pictures to help people understand all the work you did, other then that, good job !

  3. Nice job Jayvee! I really liked how you explained all of it. But next time please space it out a bit more,I get lost sometimes then i have to reread so that I can figure where I was.

  4. Good Job Jayvee! Youre post has a lot of information and it is very neat and organized. Next time I suggest to put pictures and also make the important words stand out! Keep up the good work!