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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jomer's Textbook work

Textbook page 79 #17b

17. Some parks contain fenced gardens. Suppose that it costs $80 to build each metre of fence, including materials and labour.

a) How much does it cost to enclose a square with an area of 120m²? express your answer to the nearest dollar.

B) Perdict whether the total cost of enclosing two squares with an area of 60m² each is the same as your answer to part a)

√60 = 7.75
7.75 x 4=31
31 x 80 = 2480
2480 x 2= $4960

The cost will not be the same.


  1. Good post Jomer! One thing I will say is that for a) you should definitly write an explanation of what you did because I don't know what you did here. I only see the answer not the process. This is how I believe you can improve your post.

  2. Good job Jomer! I got the same answer, but I think that you should have explained your steps to finding the answer beside your work. Anyways good job!!

  3. Great post Jomer! One thing that I liked about this post was how you put some color in it. You made a few spelling errors! You should try to show how you got the answer, and your steps. Not just the answer, other wise good job!

  4. Good job, Jomer. You should read over your post next time before you post it. You should also show how you got your answer.