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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Patrick's Math Book Question.

Chapter 2.3
Question 14
Li and Ray shared a vegetarian pizza and a Hawaiian pizza of the same size. The vegetarian pizza was cut into eight equal slices. The Hawaiian pizza was cut into six equal slices. Li ate two slices of the vegetarian pizza and one slice of the Hawaiian pizza. Ray ate two slices of the Hawaiian pizza and one slice of the vegetarian pizza.


Ray ate more pizzas then Li.

Ray(left side) Li(right side)



  1. Good Job Patrick! Your blog was very neat and have clear explanations on how to answer the questions, the only advice I can give you is use a bit of colors just to make your blog more interesting, but other wise Great Job!

  2. Great job Patrick you did a fantastic job on explaining and showing your work!!

  3. Very nice job patty! I really like the pictures in this post, though a bit hard to see for me it was really easy to understand!

  4. Great Job Patrick! Your blog was very easy to read. I also liked how you bolded important words and answers in your blog. Next time I suggest that your pictures should be a bit larger and even in size. Overall, great job!