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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lorriel's Textbook Question

Chapter 2.4 page 81

Question# 33

A square has an area of 32cm². What is the area of the largest circle that will fit inside it ? Express your answer to the nearest tenth of a square centimetre.

A= s²

√32cm= √s²

d= 5.7 r= 0.83

πr²= 8.949

2.83x2.83x3.14 = 25.1


  1. Great post Lorriel. But while I was reading this, I got bored because there was no pictures nor colors. I think this would help you to grab the attention of the viewers who read this post! I read this post, and also checked in the book. You did great, great job Lorriel! :)

  2. Good job Loriel. Next time try to explain your work. Also add some pictures to make your post more attractive to readers. Keep it up

  3. Great Job! Your blog was neat, and well answered. Next time add some colour, pictures, anything to make your blog stand out and to highlight important words or work you did. Your answer is correct( don't forget cm^2) Good Job!

  4. Good job, Lorriel. Your blog was nice and neat. Maybe next time you should explain your answer and try to space out the post a little better You should also try adding some colour to make some words stand out.

  5. Good job. I think you should have explained your work and added more colour and probably organized it a bit more. Overall, it was good.

  6. Good Job Lorriel. Your blog was really short but easy to understand. You should've explained more but overall good job!

  7. Great job Lorriel. Your post is neat and understandable. You made the post short but you explained really well. Next time add a bit of color. Keep it up!

  8. Good job, Lorriel. Next time you should add pictures. Your post was neat and really understand it. Good job!

    - Trisha 905