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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Angelo's Blog Post

Powers & Exponent

Power of zero it will always be 1
any number or variable to an exponent of 1 is always itself
any exponent of 2 is always a perfect square and always an area
anything to an exponent of 3 represent perfect cube and represent volume

pg 92-95 3.1 Textbook and Homework book
Play Manga High
CYU 1,2,3
Practise 4-13
Apply Odd or Even
Extend 22 and 23


  1. Great job, Angelo. The post was very organized, but I feel that the quality of your pictures were quite poor. I like how you told us the parts to a power, but I think you could also tell the class that powers can also be expressed in repeated multiplication. For the homework pg. 92-95 contains a few Show You knows, along with Check your understanding and a few examples we could read.

  2. Great job Angelo. Your post was organized and included the notes from that class, also, good job posting the homework. I agree with Anabelle, your pictures weren't quite clear so it was hard to read them. Next time be careful when you make your pictures, make the font larger. Also, you could add some colour to make your post better. Otherwise, great job! :)

  3. Good post Angelo. I like how it was organized but I also agree with Anabelle and Olivia, the pictures were blury and at some points, it was hard to read what the picture said. Also next time you should add some colour to make the keywords stand out.

  4. Nice job Angelo! It's organized and stuff, but the images are a bit blurry. Try adding some coulor to your post, other than that, I think you did pretty good!

  5. Good job! I found your pictures somewhat blurry, but that's alright. I think they could have been a bit smaller too. I also think you could have added some more color to make your post pop out. But, good job.

  6. Good Job Angelo. Your pictures were blurry, but yet, still easy to read. You explained very well and kept it simple. However, you should've changed font colours just to make it more interesting, and to show important words.

  7. Good Job Angelo! Your pictures were kind of blurry. Next time try to put some colors. The blog is very understandable! Keep it up!

  8. Good Job Angelo! Your blog was neat and organized but your pictures were kinda blurry. Next time you should put color on your post. Keep up the good work.

    - Trisha 905