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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sam's Textbook Question: # 21 (section 2.1)

a) 1. Penticton, British Columbia- 6.1
2. Edmonton, Alberta- 5.4
3. Regina, Saskatchewan- 3.9
4. Whitehorse, Yukon Territory- o.6
5. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories- -o.1
6. Churchill, Manitoba- -5.1
7. Resolute, Nunavut- -14.1

b) Yellowknife, Northwest Territories has an average temperature between Whitehorse Churchill.


  1. Good job Sam! to make the post better you could show how you put the temperature in descending by using a number line. using a number line will also show how you got the answer for b. Overall good job.

  2. Great job Sam! I do agree with Colleen you should put the temperature in descending bu using a number line. Your post is neat and understandable and the picture is really clear. All in all Good job!!

  3. Good job Sam. Your work was very organized, and I like how you highlighted the answer. I think that you could have shown and explained your work. Giving just the answer will not help people understand if they haven't already.

  4. Great job Sam i like how you put pictures and highlighted the answers, and try to explaned the worked you did . And i agree with colleen and gleen that you should put temperature in the desoending in a numberline. So keep up the great work

  5. Good Job Sam. Your blog was well organized and easy to read. You highlighted important numbers which made them stick out. However, I agree with Colleen, Glenn, and Anabelle. You should put the temperature in the descending using a number line. Also, you should always show your work.

  6. Good Job Sam. You had a very neat and organized blog. I like how you highlighted the answers. Next time I think you should explain more on how you got your answers.