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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kevin M's Textbook Question

Chapter 2.2
Problem Solving With Rational Numbers in Decimal Form

Question #28
Evaluate Each Expression.

A) 3.6 + 2y

B) (m-1.7)(m+1.8)
m= 1.7

C)4.5/q - 4.5/q

For A)Since it has already given me the variable y's number, I will just plug in the numbers to see if the equation is correct.

3.6 + 2y
Just add in what y is which in this case is (-0.5).
3.6 + 2(-0.5)
3.6 + (-1)
The reason why I did multiplication first was because of B.E.D.M.A.S.
For those who do not know what B.E.D.M.A.S is, it means

B = Brackets ()
E = Exponents
D = Division 6/3 is 2
M = Multiplication 2X3 is 6
A = Addition
S = Subtraction

For C) I did the same thing as I did with the first question.

(m - 1.8)(m + 1.8)
Again add what the variable is which is 1.7.
The brackets that are closed together is just basically multiplication.

And for C) It's just the same as A and B.
4.5/q - q/4.5
4.5/-3.6 - (-3.6)/4.5
-1.25 - (-0.8)

Of course ask questions!
I'll answer when ever I can.

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  1. Good job Kevin! Before I say the nice things about the post (quite a few), you had a slight typo on the second question. You called it c) when it should of been b). I liked how you explained each question and showed how to do. I really like the reminder about BEDMAS. You could of put in some colour or bolded words though. Overall a great post!