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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Anabelle's Textbook Question

This question may seem intimidating at first, probably since they don't give you the measurements for the small scoop. Let me tell you now, that it is not necessary.

Think of it this way. If the cup equals 1, then naturally the largest scoop that holds 2 1/2 times as much as the small cup will still equal 2 1/2. Why? Anything you multiply by 1, remains the same, and it is much easier to work with. Besides, any number will work. They do not ask for an actual measurement, but a fraction of the small cup. Now that we know that, it's as simple as finding out which combination of cups will equal the amount asked in the questions.

1a) 1 Large Scoop + 1 Medium Scoop - 1 Small Scoop

*From this point on I will skip over converting the cup sizes into improper fractions. They will already be written in.

2 Large Scoops - 1 Medium Scoop


1b) 1 Large Scoop - 2 Small Scoops

2 Medium Scoops - 3 Small Scoops


  1. Great post Anabelle ! I really liked how you really explained this question. I does seem a little confusing at first but you really made it easy to understand.

  2. Great post Anabelle. I like how you used pictures to explain your work and how everything was well organized. I also like how you made this question easier to understand and how you used colours to highlight the keywords.