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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cathlene's Textbook Question

Chapter 2.3 ( Question 12)

Question A.

Question B

Question C

Question D.

Question E.


  1. Great Job Cathlene! Your post is neat and understandable. You explained your answer really well. All in all Good Job!!

  2. Great job cathlene! yout post is was clear and vary easy to understand and i like how you put pictures. Keep it up

  3. Good Job Cathlene! Your post has a lot of pictures which is really helpful. Keep it up

  4. Good job Cathlene! You explained all of your questions well. Next time, try explaining why you did this certain formula or work. I just wanna say don't put you're sorry about the pictures just go change it. Anyways, Good job!

  5. Good Job Cathlene. Your blog was easy to read and organized. You showed all your work and it looks nice. But I don't think you should use the colour yellow. It's really hard to see what the word says. Overall, Good Job

  6. Good Job Cathlene. Your pictures are very clear and colorful which is awesome! Next time I think you should space out the pictures a bit more. Other than that, great job!