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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Salem's Textbook Blog

2.1 Question number 23

Is zero a rational number?Explain.

Yes! Zero is a rational number because rational numbers are any number that can be expressed in a A/B form where A and B are integers and B doesnt equal zero.

Examples of rational numbers are as follows:

3:1, -2.34, 78%, 1/2, 0.6 all are natural numbers!

These are my crazzy kitties I thought you might want somthing a little not so boring...

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  1. Good job Salem! zero is a rational number. I don't think you should put a picture of you cats on your post. Overall good job.

  2. Good Job Salem! I like how you put a lot of color in to the post. Also you explained the answer really well.

  3. Good job Salem I think you did a really good job on explaining next time you should put a picture relating to math because your cats maybe cute but it's not something for a math blog good job anyway!!

  4. Good job Salem! I like how you added a lot of color to your blog. And you explained your answer very well. Next time try putting up a picture that is math related.. Anyways good job again!!

  5. Good job Salem! I like how you added color to your blog but maybe a little too much color. You should only color important words. Next time you should put pictures that are about math, not cats. I also think you could be a little bit more informative. Overall, good job!