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Monday, November 21, 2011

Robin's Textbook Question

Determining Square Roots of Rational Numbers

I Did C)
How i Did this is by

Then i did is

Then Get answer of

Then study for the MATH TEST TOMORROW!


  1. Good Job Robin! I got the same answer. You can improve the post by showing how you changed the 5km to 5000 m. overall good job.

  2. God job Robin. Your post was quite organized and the pictures were fairly useful. I think you could explain a bit more on how and why you got 5km to 5000. Other than that you did an exceptional job.

  3. Good post Robin, I found the pictures some what hard to read because it kind of looked blurry! You can try to explain it more because I got confused while looking at this and how you got 5000. After looking at this, I figured out how to do that but it was sort of unclear so maybe your next post you can fix that! Other wise, great job!

  4. Good job, Robin. I like that your pictures were clear. Maybe next time you should try to explain the steps you took to get your answer.

  5. Good job, Robin! The work you did was good, but I agree with everyone. I think you could have explained your answer a bit more.

  6. Good job, Robin! Your post was organized. Next time you should explained more but overall you did a good job! (:

    - Trisha 905