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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jocelyn's Textbook question

Question 15 2.2
In dry air, the temperature decreases by about 0.65 degrees celsius for each 100m increase.
A) the temperature in Red Deer, Alberta, is 10 degrees celsius on a dry day. What is the temperature outside an aircraft 2.8km above the city?
B) the temperature outside an aircraft 1600m above Red Deer is -8.5 degrees celsius. What is the temperature in the city?
First of all you must know how many m go into Km. ( 1m = 0.001km)
A) 2.8Km is converted to 2800m, so there are 28/100 in 2800m. For every 100m the temperature decreases by 0.65 degrees celsius, so to show this we have to multiply 0.65x28= 18.2
so because it is 10 degrees celsius in the city if you take away 18.2 degrees because it decreases when you are above the city the temperature will be -8.2 degrees celsius outside the aircraft. The temperature outside the aircraft will be -8.2 degrees celsius.
You should start off by understanding Km eqivalent to a m (0.001Km=1m)
B) the temperature outside of an aircraft that is 1600m above the city is -8.5 degrees celsius . If you were to go closer to the city the temperature would increase every 100m by 0.65 degrees celsius. there are 16/100m in 1600m so you multiply 0.65x16= 10.4 , next you add -8.5 + 10.4 to get to a temperature of 1.9 degrees celsius, so the temperature in the city will be 1.9 degrees celsius.

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