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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Roemer's Text Book Work

2.1 #24

Give an example of a fraction in lowest terms that satisfies the following conditions:

a) Greater than 0, with denominator greater than numerator.

1/2 - Greater than 0.
2 (Denominator) greater than 1 (Numerator)

b) Between
0 - -1 with the denominator less than th
e numerator.
3/-4 - Between 0 - (-1)
-4 (Denominator) less than +3 (Numerator)

c) Less than -2 with numerator less than the denominator.
-10/3 - Less than -2
-10 (Numerator) less than 3 (Denominator)

d) Between -1.2 and -1.3 with the numerator greater than denominator.


  1. Good job Roemer! I really liked that diagram at the end, though I really wish you could use something like that diagram in the other questions. Overall I really like the post.

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  3. Good Job Roemer! Your blog is very neat and easy to read. I also liked how you bolded important words to make them stick out. Keep up the good work!