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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kevin M's Textbook Question 2.4

#15. Kai needs to replace the strip of laminate that is glued to the vertical faces on a square tabletop. The table top has an area of 1.69m^2. What length of laminate does she need?

Okay first thing, we want to know how big the square tabletop is which is 1.69cm^2. We also need to know the formula to finding the area of a square which is A=S^2. Now we square root 1.69m^2 because we want to find one side of the square.


√1.69m^2 = 1.3m

If we use the formula A of square= S^2 we will probably get 1.69m^2, lets try it!

1.3x1.3 = 1.69m^2

Don't forget the SS or simple sentence!

Kai will need 1.3m of laminate.

~Also remember to study for the test! (I am so scared >.<)~

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  1. Good job Kevin! I liked how you stated the things that you needed to find. It really helps a lot! Your post is very neat and understandable. Next post, put some pictures so you can give a visual of what is really happening in the problem. Anyways, good job!