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Monday, November 21, 2011

Jieram's Textbook Question

Chapter 2.4 Page 79

Question 16 a)

The label on a 1-L can of paint states that the paint will cover an area of 10m^2. What is the side length of the largest square area that the paint will cover? Express you answer to the nearest hundredth of a metre.

To find the answer we have to get rid of the exponent. To do that square root 10.
I get..

but remember to round it to the nearest hundredth.
So I get 3.16

If you multiply 3.16 by 3.16 we get 9.98 or 10

The side length of the largest area that a 1-L can of paint can cover is 3.16


  1. Good post Jieram. I like how you changed the colour of key words. Next time, make your pictures bigger so it is easier to read the answer. Also, watch the layout of your words so they go underneath the picture rather than beside and underneath. Otherwise, good job. :)

  2. Great job Jieram. Your post was fairly organized and easy to understand. I like how you highlighted important words, and used a picture to show your work. Although, i think you could word this a little better: "To find the answer we have to get rid of the exponent. To do that square root 10." Technically we are converting cm square/area to cm/side length, and are doing so by finding it's square root.

  3. Awesome post bro. You did a good job choosing to color the important key words! & Try putting lines under the picture.

  4. Great post Jieram, I think your post was organized. Next time try to add more coloring, and try to add more pictures while trying to explain something. Otherwise, great post! :)

  5. Great post jieram i like how you put color and picture to your post but next explain it little more

  6. Good job Jieram! Your post was easy to read and well organized. You changed font colours to show the important words!

  7. Good Job Jieram, Your post is organized very well. Next time add a bit more color. All in all you did a good job!

  8. Good Job, Jieram! I like your picture and how you put color on your post. Keep up the good work.

    - Trisha 905