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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Olivia's Textbook Question 2.4

Question # 34 

Things to know:
- A = area
- r = radius
π (pi) = 3.14159265...
- A of circular garden = 40 m²
- express answer to nearest tenth of a metre

First, you copy the formula from the question:

Next, fill in the values:
* it is not necessary to change π (pi)

Then, divide the area (A) of the circular garden by pi (π):
* use a calculator

Find the √12.73239545

Round 3.568248232 to the nearest tenth of a metre (m).

The answer is 3.6 m. 

Sorry about some of the pictures.


  1. Great post Olivia. I like how you used pictures to show your work. I also like how you used colours to highlight the important information. Everything was easy to understand and this post was very well organized. Some of the pictures were a bit blurry, but most of the pictures were great. Good job.

  2. Good job Olivia! I liked how you explained everything step by step and your pictures were very easy to understand. I also liked how you changed the colours of the words and numbers that were important to help them stand out and how you spaced out your information. Good job again!!

  3. Good post Olivia ! You really explained everything very well. You made the words stand out, but maybe you could of outlined your pictures so they could have been easier to read. Other then that good job !