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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jomer's Blog Post

In Class yesterday, Mr. Backe gave us some questions..

Another question he gave us..

The Faster Way

Product Law: When the bases are the same, simply add the two exponents to get the new power.

Product law means multiplying.

The faster way..

Another question..

Quotient Law: When the bases are the same, simply subtract the two exponents to get the new power.

Power of a power law: When a power is raised to a power simply multiply the two powers together to get the new product.

Another question

Another Question..

When a product is raised to an exponent, you can rewrite each number in the product with the same exponent.

Power of a quotient: When a quotient is raised to an exponent, you can rewrite each number in the quotient with the same exponent.


Read pages 99-105.

Do SYK and CYU 1,2,3

Practise odd/even

Apply extend All

WorkBook 3.2

Extra Practise 3.1/3.2


  1. Great post Jomer. I like your pictures, they are clear and accurate. You did a good job explaining the work and thanks for posting the homework. The size of your font varied a little too much trough out the post, and sometimes was too big. Instead of making it really big, you could have changed the colour. Overall, great post. :)

  2. Great job, Jomer. Everything was easy to understand, and the pictures were very helpful. I agree with Olivia, your font sizes were not consistent and by the end they had become quite large. For homework you should mention the foldable project for chapter 2. I also feel that you should word this better: "Product law means multiplying." Well, it doesn't simply mean multiplying. Product is the answer to a multiplication question. The law requires that the two power have to be multiplying for you to add the exponents, hence the name and why it is not required we mention it.

  3. Good post Jomer. I like how the pictures you added were clear and how you made the keywords bold to make it stand out from the rest. Everything was easy to comprehend. But I also agree with Olivia because when you go from using a small font to a very large font it can get distracting. So next time, try to used a resonable sized font. Nonetheless, it was a good post.

  4. Good job Jomer! Nice idea on highlighting key words! Just try not mixing up small font with large fonts.

  5. Great Job Jomer! I really like the pictures you made. Your post is very understandable and neat. I like how you made some words a different color to make it stand out.

  6. Good job, Jomer! I think next time, make the font a little bit smaller. It was kind of distracting from the rest of your post. But I liked how you explained everything.

  7. Good job, Jomer! I like your pictures. Maybe you should make the font a little smaller. You did well in explaining. Keep up the good work

    - Trisha 905