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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jieram's Textbook Question

Identify the fractions that are between 0 and -2 and that have 3 as the denominator.

The fraction that are between 0 and -2 that have 3 as the denominator are:







  1. Good post Jieram, but maybe you could of explained how you got those answers a little bit.

  2. good job Jieram I agree with those answers but next time explain how you got them so it doesn't look like you copied the answers!!

  3. Nice job Jieram. These answers seem to be correct. But, try explaining how you got those answers by showing us step by step what you did.

  4. Good Job Jieram! But next time please explain and add diagrams to your post, so that it beautiful and colorful. And also so that I can eat my tocino in peace.

  5. Good Job Jieram. Next time you should be more informative on how you got the answers and you should also make important words stand out. Overall, good job!