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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Alec's Textbook Question

30. A square field has an area of 1000m^2. Laura wants to walk from one corner of the field to the opposite corner. If she walks at 1.5m/s, how much time can she save by walking diagonally instead of walking along two adjacent sides? Express your answer to the nearest tenth of a second.

First I want to get all the information we need in this question:
We need the time she walk diagonally and along adjacent sides
We need to the square root of 1000m^2
We need the hypotenuse

So lets figured out the hypotenuse of 1000m^2
Since we have a square, you only need to find 1 side because all sides are the same

Now I'm going to find the hypotenuse
Next I'm going to find how many seconds she walk along adjacent sides

Then I'm going to find how many seconds she's going to take to walk diagonally.

After having all that information I can figure out now the answer
Let x= time Laura spent walking along adjacent sides
Let y= time Laura spent walking diagonally.
X-Y= answer
It would look like this...


  1. Good post Alec, I like how you explained your steps and how you made pictures. One of the things that you can improve on is to add some color to make sure that this post does not look too boring, otherwise, great job! I got the same answer as well!

  2. Nice post Alec! I liked how you explained each step you did. Next time, make the equal signs line up so it is easier to understand. Also next time put some colours and highlight some important words. It will make those words easier to remember. Overall, good job!