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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Robin's Textbook Question

Comparing and ordering rational number
which integers are between ?

well the intergers that fit in to this rational nuimbers are


How i Did this was useing whole numbers and there opposites


  1. good job robin. the answers you got for this question is wrong. I got -3,-2,-1,0,1,2. i got this answer by changing the fractions into decimals and using a number line. You also spelled using wrong.

  2. Good job Robin I also did the same thing as colleen next time try and explain your steps more and watch your spelling but other than that good job!!

  3. Similar to the two up there, I got the same answer as them. Try explaining what you did more, and watch out for spelling errors.

  4. Good Job Robin! I like how you used a picture. Next time try to add more info, and colours. Overall Good job.

  5. Great Job Robin. Next time I suggest more pictures and colorful words to make more important words stand out. Also you should space your blog out a little bit more. Next time you should use spell check, you got a couple of spelling errors. Overall, good job!