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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kevin M's Blog Post

Today we had a small quiz about a few things:
1) Turning non-terminating decimals into fractions
2)Placing an integer between certain fractions
3)We just named what the square root of a eight is called. (Um..How do you do that square root sign? Tell me in the comments please :D.)

The question in out small "quiz" about the non terminating decimal was
9x/9 = 1.5/9
We can't have a decimal in a fraction (If you have seen one that actually makes sense, leave it in the comment because I would love to see it!)

What we do is since the 5 is in the tenths place, we multiply it by 10 so:
X=1.5x10 9x10
X= 15/90
simplify it would be 1/6 or 0.16......

The other question was
Place an INTEGER between these fractions : -7/3 and -4/3
Well what I did was that i divided each fraction so I could get a decimal.
-7/4 = -2.3 -4/3 = -1.3.....
What have to find what's between -2.3 and -1.3.....
Many of us said -5/3 ( which equals -1.6...) and -6/3 (which equals -2) because it was between the two fractions.
But we were wrong!
Backe told us that we had to choose an INTEGER and place it between the fractions.
So it would look like this:
-2.3 (which is -7/4), 2 (6/3), and 1.3.... (-4/3)

Now the last question we had on this tiny "quiz" was
Square root of 8 is a _____ number
Someone said it was an irrational number or Q' because it is and non terminating and a non repeating number.

The last set of notes
Let's say there 3 fractions
1 -1 1
- ----- ------- -------
4 4 -4

-0.25 -0.25 -0.25

It is the same answer because it doesn't matter where it is as long as there is one negative sign

- -------

If there is an odd number of negative signs it will still be negative.

Home work!!!! (yes I made it huge)
-Do the journal
-Build a bird house project
-The white sheets from yesterday (1-10 I think)
-Read 2.1 (46 to 50 I also think)
I think (yes I say it again) that's it, if I had made any mistakes please put it in the comments as i shall be reading them probably tomorrow.

Backe is always in school at 8:00 in the morning and he is always there to answer any question you might have about the homework if you don't understand.

I pick Nils Refvik for the next post!


  1. The symbol for square root for mac: alt v
    The symbol for square root for pc: alt 251

    Also, you should explain that -2 is the only integer out of all of them. The fractions for the last part of the post are off, and at first I was quite confused. You should have also added pictures if you were having trouble formatting the fractions. I would also like the post much better if you added colour. Other than that, this post was well done.

  2. great post you pretty much got everything that was needed but you need some colour. other then that you are a very good listener

  3. Good Job Kevin! I think you had all the information we talked about in the class today. Next time, try to add some colours. Keep it up

  4. The symbol for square root for mac: alt v
    The symbol for square root for pc: alt 251
    Anabelle is correct. & great post bro. You should add more colors to this post though. Other than that, great job.

  5. Good good Kevin. I like how you made the keywords bolded and capitalized. In my opinion, I thought that the way you arranged the frations was a bit confusing. Next time, you should just stick with the usual way like -1/4. Also, add a bit more colour.

  6. Good Job, Kevin! I like how you bolded the key workds so they stand out. The fractions were confusing. You should try using a /. You should add some color but overall you did a good job!

  7. Good job Kevin! I really liked how you bolded key words. It really made it stand out. Maybe you could add some colour next time to go with the bolded words. For fractions definitely use a / sign. It makes it more pleasing to look at and it's less confusing. Other than that an effective post. Keep it up!

  8. Good Job Kevin! I like how you made your words notice able by making them bold. You have all the information, and your post is neat and understandable. Next time you should add some color in to your post. Keep it up!

  9. Ah thank you, Anabelle for the square root sign!

  10. Good Job Kevin! Your post seems to have everything we did on that day but it seems a bit plain, next time add colors and pictures to make it more interesting and good job for putting what was homework on that day. One more thing I see on the comments above their are ways to make square root you might want to use that next time so it will not look confusing for others.