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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Robin's Blog post

We did Math quiz

1) natural number, whole number, rational number
2)false whole number
3)false rational number
4)-7 over -8 is rational number
5) 6 divide 0 is a real number false

today in class we did
Irrationals -that non-terminating and non repeating
like 6 16 116 11116 11116 .....
0.7 period 7 and it length is one

period that is repeat.
the period is length is home many number repeating.

0.61 or 7 which one is higher

10x = 61.61 61 61 61 61 ...

So 10x - x = 61.61 61 61 61.....



i think that 7/9 is higher

tell me if am wrong or not or make any changes

Homework : white extra practice sheet

The build bird house project:
where the base of the house is 10cm by 10cm
roof over hang is 3cm
middle of the bird house is 2.5cm

i choose kevin montalbo


  1. Good job, Robin. I like the use of colour and the photo. They really made the post more interesting. I think that the quiz answers will not be very useful to learn from if the questions aren't there. This line did not make sense to me:"The period that is repeat." Also, I would not recommend you format converting repeating decimals to fractions the way you did. Oh, and you got the answer wrong. It is not 6/100. Not only that, I remember only the ones repeating. Another thing. You should explain the homework for build a birdhouse in greater detail.

  2. Good Job Robin! I like how you used a lot of colour in your scribe. There are some sentences that don't make sense but throughout the scribe you did a GOODJOB!

  3. Good Job Robin! I like how you put colours to your picture. I also like the way you put colours on important words like "Irrational". I agree with Glenn, some of your sentence didn't make sense. If you have a time just change it. Overall good job

  4. GREAT JOB ROBIN! Sentence errors here and there. It is not 6/100 either.& Can you add some detail on our Birdhouse hw?

  5. Good post Robin. I like how the pictures you added were clear and easy to read. I also like how you added colour to make certain words stand out. Next time, make sure you added the questions in with the answers because it doesn't make sence if you answer true or faulse when you don't know what the statment was. Also remember to check your spelling "Terminateging" is spelled wrong. And make sure you use capitals. Also for the Build a Birdhouse, you should've explaned what needed to be done. Another thing you should fix is 6/100, it's wrong. Instead of 6/100, it should be 61/100

  6. Good Job Robin! Your post was very colorful and neat, a few things you can change/add is the quiz part on your blog, it doesn't really make sense if you don't have the question along with it and also maybe add how we came up with the answer if we did talk about the question in class, otherwise your post was good!
    PS. "The period that is repeat" you might wanna go back and change the sentence because it does not make sense.