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Monday, October 10, 2011

Maya's Blog Post

In math, we learned about Number Theory!
Rational Numbers can be terminating "to end" like 2, -13.2, 1/4
Rational Numbers can be repeating "keeps going" like 1/3, 1/6, 1/15

How to change a repeating non-terminating number into a fraction.
x = 0.3...
Multiply both the x and the rational number by 10
10x = 3.33..
Subtract the x and 0.33.. from 10x and 3.33..
9x = 3
Then divide both sides by 9 to get x by itself.
9x/9 = 3/9
x = 1/3

I made a mistake on my picture. For rational numbers, when expressed from a/b form when a and b are integers and b does not equal 0.

For homework, show you know 0.77777..
For the next blog, I choose Robin Apuya.


  1. Good post Maya. I like how you used colour to make certain words stand out. Everything was organized. Next time, you should used the same size of font in the picture because when it gets to rational numbers, I find it hard to read.

  2. Good Job Maya. Your post is very nice and neat. I really like how you bolded some of the words and made some different colors to stand out. Next time you should make the pictures more bigger so you could see the words more clear. Also you should space it out a bit more. great job!

  3. Good post Maya. I think next time you should make the picture bigger so everyone can read it clearly. I like how you bolded some words and used colours to make them stand out. Keep it up!

  4. Great post, Maya. I really like the picture. It's neat, but I found it a bit strenuous to read, since the writing was so small. I also like the way you bolded and coloured important words to make them stand out. Oh, and it's great that you caught your mistake. Perhaps if you have time you can go back and replace the picture. Keep up the good work!

  5. Good job Maya ! I like your post. It's organized except the picture is small. Next time try to make it bigger. Good job !!

  6. Good Job Maya! The picture looks realy nice. It made your blog neat. I also like when you bolded important words. Keep it up

  7. Good post Maya ! The picture you made was nice, but maybe you could of made the pictures a little bigger, since the writing is kind of small.

  8. Great Job Maya! Good job on the pictures! I do agree with Patrick, next time you should make the picture's a bit bigger. I like how you made some words bold, to say it is important.

  9. Nice job, Maya. You could've made the writing within the pictures bigger. Great job, though!

  10. Good job Maya. Good job on the pictures it's very nice. Next time you should make the writing in the pictures bigger.

  11. Good Job Maya! Your post was neat, and included everything we did on that day, your pictures were a bit small next make it a bit bigger so it is easy to read, I like the way you made the words bold or color red to show that it is important. Good Job!