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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Salem Blog

Today we learned about ways to calculate decimals
Ex. 88.53 x 123.20
Mr. Backe said we have to think like whole numbers with these types of questions.

Do your work on GRAPH PAPER

division question


write as whole number

divisor into whole number.Whats divisor? 22.9

122.48/10=1224.6 22.9/10=229

MrB made a mistake!

But then he fixed it!

25.193/10=251.93 23.6/10=236

both are equivalent complex fractions.



(-)+(+)=depends on absolute value

(+)=(-)=whiichever is greater keep the sign


(+)-(+)=absolute value

(-)-(-)=absolute value













homework :(

first 6 yellow decimal pages


birdhouse if not already in; GET IT IN


Dont we all wish that mast stopped at 2+2??

Lorriel sorry but I choose you.


  1. Good post Salem. I like how you added pictures, and used colour in your post. However, in the pictures you didn't place the decimal into the final answer. Also,

    "divisor into whole number.Whats divisor? 22.9"

    122.48/10=1224.6 22.9/10=229
    I didn't understand that part. And be sure to edit your work because you made a couple typos like "mast" and "Whiichever." Another thing, instead of typing in the same colour, use another colour to make the important information/ keywords stand out. For your first blog post it wasn't that bad.

  2. Great job for your first blog post, Salem. The pictures were really helpful and for the most part you post was quite organized. Next time I think you should not use too many colours if you are not going to use them to highlight important words. I also agree with Tianna, you should have spell checked and that one part was hard to follow.

    I also think you switched these two around:



    It should be:



    Other than that, you did a great job.

  3. Mistake:
    It should be:
    Nice job on your first post! But you made a booboo.