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Thursday, October 20, 2011

On Wednesday we had to try and find fractions between 0.65 and 0.66

The two fractions I got were 656/1000 and 651/1000. When I simplify these two fractions they are 82/125 and 163/250.

The steps to finding an equivelent between two decimal numbers are:
1. Find an equivelent decimal number by putting a zero behind the last place value

2. Find a number between the two new numbers

3. Convert the decimal to a fraction

4. If possible, simplify the fraction to is lowest terms

- Remeber to finish the study ladder
- Do the Manga High stuff
- Read to understand pages 55- 59



  1. Great job Sam. Brief, but informative. I like how you used colour to highlight the main points, and how you organized your post. I think you're missing a blog title, though. You forgot to add that 0.650=0.65 and so on. Also, you spelled homework wrong.

  2. Good post Sam. It was kind of short though. You had a few typos like "homework" and "remember" so keep an eye on that. A good post none the less.
    P.S... What's with the troll face?

  3. Good post Sam. I like how you added the homework and most of the notes we were suppost to take in class. I also like how you made the numbers a red font to make it stand out more. Next time you do a blog post, you should check your spelling.

  4. Awesome job Sam! Thanks for adding the homework and our notes we took in class. Just spell check next time.

  5. Good Job Sam!I like how you made the number look presentable by adding a different colour to it. Next time try to do it in paint so it'll make your post longer and much better. Keep it up