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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Today we had a small quiz.
1. Change -0.88... to a fraction

x = 0.88...

10x = 8.8...

9x = 8

9x/9 = 8/9

x = 8/9

To do this question we have to first multiply x and 0.88... by 10

Then we subtract x and 0.88... from 10x and 8.8...

We then divide both 9x and 8 by nine

We get x = 8/9

2. Find an Integer between -4/3 and -7/3

-6/3 or 2

Remember -4/3 and -7/3 are rational numbers (Q).

The only possible integer between those two numbers is -6/3 or simply 2.

Someone said that there are only two fractions between -4/3 and -7/3

This is incorrect.

There are an infinite amount of fractions between those numbers

3. In a rational expression b can not equal ____.

If you remember your notes b can not equal zero

This past class was a working period

You could of worked on the textbook:

Check your Understanding 1-3

Practice 4 or 5

6 or 7

8 or 9

10 or 11

12 or 13

14 or 15

16 or 17

Apply- odds or evens

Extend 28, 29, 30

Anything that isn't finished is homework!

Or you could of worked on the birdhouse project which is due Monday.

Remember on the birdhouse project there is an overhang on the sides and the front.

Make sure you work on the project now.

Don't leave it all for the weekend!!!

Thank you for reading this post.

If you have any comments or suggestions please comment.

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  1. Good job Nils. I like how you used colours to make certain words stand out. I also like how you used a bolder font for some of the words. Everything was well organized. Next time, you should add a picture of a number line to show how the integer between -4/3 and -7/3 is -2. But everything else was good.

  2. Great job Nils. Your blog was very informative, and helpful. I really like how you highlighted important words, and bolded the titles for the different sections of your post. It really made things more organized. I suggest you explain why you multiplied 0.8... by 10. I believe that most have had trouble understanding why we do this. I would also like to see pictures. Perhaps you could show us what you've already done for your birdhouse project to give everyone a general idea as to what to do.

  3. Good Job, Nils. I like how you change the colors of the important words. It's so neat and i can understand it very well! Next time, you should add pictures but overall you did good.
    - Trisha905

  4. Nice post, Nils. I liked how you coloured and bolded the key words in different parts of the post. It's quite organized and helpful. Next time, I would of liked to see some pictures, but, other than that, you've done a great job!

  5. i wasnt feeling well but i have a clue as to what went on during class and i thank you for that. :) great job with the colours

  6. Nice scribe Nils! Nice way to color and bolded important key words shown on this post. It was very helpful. Thanks, bro.

  7. Good Job Nils! Your post is very detailed. It's also easy to understand. It's always very helpful to bold or try a different colour to importan key words. Keep it up